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Are you buying a used car, truck, SUV or RV? Have you bought a used vehicle in the past, maybe something went wrong that you were unaware of at the time of purchase, or later you found out you were overcharged? Do you want an accurate and reasonable price for the vehicle you are interested in purchasing? CARMEC is the answer!

CARMEC is a service that connects you with a certified mechanic/auto technician, with whom you will make an appointment at your desired location, and will then inspect the prospective used vehicle. This service is offered to you, the prospective buyer of the vehicle, in order to determine the condition of the used vehicle. The mechanic/auto technician will use a series of systematic checks and will inspect the vehicle’s systems and will then give you the professional advice you need so that you, the prospective buyer, may then arrive at a fair and reasonable purchase price with the seller of the used vehicle. By obtaining accurate knowledge of the condition of the used vehicle, you will be better equipped to make a deal with the seller of the used vehicle.

CARMEC is an app-based company that provides a service to help consumers to check out and inspect the condition of used vehicles, whether they buy them from a private seller or used car dealer, or perhaps they just want to know the condition of their own vehicle.

CARMEC is changing the concept of buying/checking a used vehicle from a risky, uncertain experience to a simple and easy one. You have a vehicle in mind but you may not know anything about used cars, or their mechanical difficulties, and you do not know anyone to help you with this problem. CARMEC will help you!


Now you can simply download the app for free on Apple store or Google Play and create your Profile. With the “preferable miles radius,” you can select your licensed mechanic/auto technician and schedule an appointment at your convenience. Your mechanic/auto technician will meet with you at the date, time and location you requested and your mechanic/auto technician will perform a full vehicle inspection for you.


CARMEC charges only $69.99 for the service. Payment is due at the time of the appointment confirmation


CANCELLATION FEE: In the event that you may have to cancel the appointment one hour or less before the designated time, you will be charged a $10 “no-show” fee.
If you cancel your appointment more than one hour before the designated appointment time you will be refunded the full amount $69.99.


At the end of your mechanic’s systematic checklist inspection you will have the choice of selecting “deal” or “no deal” on the app. If you do not end up buying the vehicle, click “no deal” so that we may provide you with a promotion for your next car inspection. (Promotions may vary in different states.)


All CARMEC mechanics/auto technicians are not employees of CARMEC. They are certified mechanics/auto technicians, certified by their states and therefore they are independent contractors performing a task provided by CARMEC and follow CARMEC guidelines and regulations.


This Systematic Vehicle Inspection is designed by CARMEC. We will cover every component of the vehicle; it is very detailed, comprehensive and systematic. (See below.)

In case your mechanic/auto technician detects that one or more components is broken or needs repair, the mechanic/auto technician will point out exactly which component on the checklist and will provide you with the estimated cost of repair. Every single component of the vehicle will be inspected and named on the checklist. If a part being inspected is working properly, your mechanic/auto technician will check it with a green check mark. If a part being inspected needs repair or service, it will be given an orange check mark. If a part is broken and needs immediate repair or service, it will be checked with a red check mark.

You will be provided with the same copy of the checklist that your mechanic/auto technician is working on, with all the details of which components are working and which needs repair, and an estimated repair cost. The checklist will be broken down into different vehicle systems and each vehicle system contains various component sections.

The CARMEC Systematic Vehicle Inspection Checklist includes a very detailed vehicle interior and exterior checklist that your mechanic/auto technician will go through. In addition to checking fluid levels, tires and wheel alignment, your mechanic/auto technician will check whether the vehicle has been repaired due to a previous accident, whether it may have rust, or if it has been damaged by flood water in the past. Your mechanic/auto technician may provide you with their personal opinion of an approximate range of how much you should pay for purchase of the vehicle; however, your certified mechanic/auto technician is not an appraiser, and CARMEC does not endorse any personal opinion appraisal of the vehicle.

CARMEC inspection checklist:

  • Engine type and gas supply system
  • Steering and suspension system
  • Transmission and exhaust system
  • Braking system
  • Cooling system
  • Alarm and sound system
  • Fluid levels
  • Tires and wheel alignment
  • Car interior condition
  • Car exterior condition


It would not be possible to check each and every single component of any vehicle in such a short time frame. Realistically speaking, it would be a much longer process and would require heavy machinery and would be very expensive to do so. Hence, we have designed the Systematic Vehicle Inspection Checklist to inspect the vehicle in a systematic way. Once your mechanic/auto technician is finished with the CARMEC inspection, it will be submitted and sent to you in the app under the “My messages” option in your Dashboard. At the end you will have two options to select: “Deal” or “No Deal.” If you click “No Deal,” we will provide you with the next available promotion. If you select “Deal,” it means you have purchased the vehicle which will take you to the next level of totally free customer service and support.


CARMEC will respond to any questions you may have regarding your vehicle.

CARMEC is dedicated to educating its clients and providing them with the opportunity to learn about their vehicle. That is the reason why we designed the Systematic Vehicle Inspection Checklist; such a comprehensive, easy-to-understand checklist that includes the name of all the components within all of the vehicle systems. This will help you to visualize and understand what the component is and what its function is.

For future support: If you’re having car trouble of any kind, simply E-mail us and tell us what is wrong. We can help you understand what may have happened, and what may need to be repaired, and approximately how much you may expect to be charged for repairs when you take your vehicle to a repair shop.

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